What is self billing?

What is self billing and how do I agree to it?

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If you are a Ltd company freelance worker, agreeing to the self-billing agreement allows JoinedUp to create your invoices for you based on the start and stop times of your shifts and the rates that you are being paid. This is designed to save you paperwork, and ensure that your invoices are accurate, are formatted legally and can therefore be paid without delay. 

In summary, the agreement confirms:

  • The date from which invoices will be issued

  • The client agrees to issue invoices for all supplies made to them by the self billee (the worker) until the end of the agreement

  • That invoices will show the supplier's (your) company name, address and VAT registration number

  • The end date of the agreement (this is 1 year and then you'll need to agree self-billing again)

  • The supplier (you) will notify the client (agency/JoinedUp) of any issues with invoices

  • The supplier (you) will notify the client (agency/JoinedUp) of any changes to their Ltd company or VAT details

On registering you will be asked to agree to self-billing along with the general T&C's of JoinedUp. This can also be found and agreed under the personal information and employment status section of your profile

JoinedUp will also send prompts and reminders when the self billing agreement needs to be made (there will be a link to click to get this agreed). 

Please note JoinedUp requires self billing to be agreed to create your invoice and process payroll.

View self billing agreement 

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