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An Overview of tabs on JoinedUp with their functionalities

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The first thing you will see having logged into JoinedUp will be your Inbox.
Below we present a quick overview of the tabs on JoinedUp and what can be found under each one.

Looking at the Main Menu on top of JoinedUp you will see:

  • Inbox - All messages and notifications regarding actions around shifts (eg. Starting/Stopping, Changing times, Submitting and Approving etc.) at each site or region come through here with the option to reply.

  • Plan - Here you can find all the screens connected to planning. You will find both of our planning screens (On-Site and Branch) as well as the Post Shifts screen where the Client can add place their order. We also have a Booking Overview screen and the option to book Assessments. You can also find and manage all your Shift Templates (Job Cards here).

  • Attendance - Here you will find the screens used to track attendance and add the hours worked. You can do it on a shift by shift or worker by worker basis or in batch.

  • Finance - Screens related to payroll. Here you can view the financial calculations based on worked hours, add expenses and adjustments, submit and approved the shifts and lock the sites to lock down your payroll and generate invoices for your Ltd. Company Workers.

  • Clients - A catalogue of your Clients along with their details and sites.

  • Workers - Your workers catalogue along with filtering options.

  • Reports - Our reports Suite. You can use the filters to generate different reports from the system and download them in a spreadsheet format (csv.).
    You can also find custom made reports here.

    When you hover over your name in the upper right corner you will see Settings and the option to Log out.

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