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Adding a worker to your plan (onsite only)
Adding a worker to your plan (onsite only)

To add your worker to your onsite plan so that they are seen on the allocation screen they will need to be linked to a shift template

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With the onsite plan you will need to link a worker's profile to a shift template for them to appear on the planning screen. 

Step 1 : Under the Workers tab find and select the relevant worker's name to see their profile summary. 

Step 2 : Click the "+ Add another template" button. A separate window will appear to add the template details. Select the organisation, site, the template and the pay schedule this worker will be working on (ie the company they are working for and which rates they should be on). 

Step 3 : You can also link a worker from their full profile. On the profile menu on the left hand side there is a 'linked shift templates' section. You can link workers to multiple templates if they work at a variety of sites or a range of roles. 

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