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Managing Workers
Link or unlink a worker to a branch (branch only)
Link or unlink a worker to a branch (branch only)

This article shows you how to add and remove a worker on the branch planning screen

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There are two ways to link a worker to the branch screen.

1) Creating a new profile

A worker can be linked when setting up their profile. When you click add a new worker there is a branch drop down option. If select the branch this will link the worker to the plan 

2) Linking an existing worker

You can also link an existing worker using the branch screen. Go to Plan > Shift allocation (Branch)

Use the search bar to find their name.  If they aren’t already linked click on the + on the right of the search bar. Search for the workers name and click the blue link button.

Unlinking a worker from the branch screen:

You can also remove a worker from the branch if they are no longer actively working. Again from the worker pool view, click on their name on the left hand column and click the red 'unlink from branch' button - they will still be in your worker database, just no longer on the planning screen. 

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