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Filling in your Limited company details
Filling in your Limited company details

How to fill in your LTD company details on your profile

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When completing your profile on JoinedUp one of the pieces of information needed is your employment status. This is used for the system to match the correct rates, comply with the law and allow your agency to calculate your pay. You'll need to add your company name, registration number and date exactly as it shows on your company's certificate of incorporation.
As you complete this section, you will come across the question "Are you paid by an accounting company?". 

If you choose yes, you'll get a drop down box with a list of accounting companies provided by your agency.

However if you use an accountant that is not shown on the list you will need to select "No". The list only shows accounting companies that have an agreement with your agency. 

Your company VAT number - needs to be filled by workers whose LTD company has been registered for VAT. Please leave blank otherwise.

Once you have completed this section tick the "Terms & Conditions" box and the "Self billing agreement with your agency".


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