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Adding hours in bulk for shifts in the past

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The batch edit screen allows you to add hours in bulk by site, worker name or by timesheet. This article will help explain how to edit start stop times by site and worker. 

Go to Attendance > Batch edit start/stop times. There will be three tabs to the left which say; 1) shifts by site, 2) shifts by worker and 3) timesheets.

Shifts by site

To add hours by site, select the 'Shifts by site' tab  

Choose the site you want to add hours for from using the drop down list, you can type in the name of the site to search.

Once selected you will see all the workers with planned shifts that are missing hours. This is ordered by date and time. You can also see a summary at the top, which shows how many shifts have no start time and no stop time. You can then filter by these.

For the shifts you want to edit: If there's no figure in there currently, you can just type in the actual start and stop time. If there's already a time, you can still change it - you just need to give a reason on the following pop-up. The format is flexible eg 06:00, 06.00 or 0600 will all be accepted.

New time entries are ringing in green. Click the blue save times button for the times to be added to these shifts. 

Shifts by worker

You can also add hours by worker name. This can be done either by selecting the workers name from the shifts by site page:

Or by clicking the 'Shifts by worker' tab and searching for their name from the drop down box available:

Any planned shifts that are outstanding hours for the selected worker will be listed. This is ordered by date and time. As previously described you can type in the actual start/stop times and click the blue save times button to add these hours. 

Adding hours in Batch

You can also choose to set the default start or stop times for every outstanding shift on your screen. Remember: you can filter your screen in the ways above to show specific shifts, by site, by worker and by those without start or stop times.

You have a choice between using the shift template's typical shift length to fill in the times, or you can also use the shift's expected stop time. These are found in the Shift Template.

Once you've filtered appropriately and chosen whether you're using the typical length or the expected stop, click 'Add start/stop times'. This will only affect those without times already entered - and will show ringed in green. You can still then go in and edit them manually if needed. Once you're happy, click 'Save shift times'.

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