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Approve your agency's shifts
Approve your agency's shifts

How to check and approve your agency's workers' shifts

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JoinedUp has a two step financial approval process for shifts.
Firstly your supplying agency will need to check the hours and costings and if everything is correct then Submit the shifts on their end.

Once the shifts have been submitted they will come through for your approval.

To approve a shift, go to the Finance tab and select Shifts to be approved. Select a shift using the checkbox (or multiple checkboxes for multiple shifts) and click the Approve button.
If you're not seeing any shifts to be approved please check to make sure you are looking at the correct site. You can switch between sites at the top of the screen.
Another reason could be that the shifts haven't been submitted by the supplier yet. In this case you should be able to see the shifts in the Unsubmitted shifts section in Finance.

If you need to get some more information about a given shift, then click on the row and it will expand to show you the start and stop times and how the charges are calculated.

A shift can be queried at any point in the process by either the Agency user or the worker or the Client by clicking on the "Raise a query" link.

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