Submitting Shifts

How to submit shifts for approval

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Once all the times have been added and you have checked to make sure that the times and the Charges and Payments calculated are correct you will need to submit the shifts for the Client's approval, which is the first step of the financial process.
To do that you need to go to Finance > Unsubmitted Shifts to see a screen like the one below. Here you can see all the shifts that need submitting.

You can click on a particular line and it will expand showing more details about the shift.

To submit the shifts you simply need to tick them off and press the submit button.

You can submit shifts individually or do them all in one go. To submit all the shifts at once you will need to click the 'select all' button next to 'submit'.
​Please note that this will select only the last fifty shifts visible on the page. You then just need to choose 'Expand selection' to capture all the shifts available.


Once you've selected the shifts just hit the 'Submit' button.

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