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Confirming a shift booked by your agency
Confirming a shift booked by your agency

Your agency asked you to confirm a shift/ you've received a text message or email from the system asking to confirm your shift.

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When your agency allocates you to the shift, the system automatically sends a notification to your JoinedUp inbox. Depending on your contact preferences setup, you can also receive an email and/or text message with a link to see the details. 

If your agency requires you to confirm the shift you've been allocated to, you'll see the message in the format below.



You can go directly to the shift details where you can confirm your shift by clicking the link in the message. Please note, you need to be logged in to JoinedUp in your browser before clicking the link, otherwise you'll be taken to the login page. 

When you click the confirm button, you'll be asked to re-confirm:

Your shift is now confirmed and your agency will see that on their planning screen.

Your work calendar shows which shifts have been confirmed by you:

What happens if I don't want to confirm my shift?

If you want to decline your shift you can follow the same process but just choose "Decline" instead. You will then not be allocated for the shift.

If you don't confirm or decline it, the shift could still be cancelled. Please see the below link about shift cancellations.

What if I've confirmed/declined and I want to change my mind?

Once you've confirmed or declined your shift, you can't then change it yourself. You'll need to get in contact with your agency and let them know that you need to change the confirmation status. You can see how to contact your agency by clicking the below link:

If you decline the shift but then want to confirm it, please be advised that your agency might have already given it to someone else. Make sure before you choose to decline it.

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