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How to update rates or rate rules

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Making changes to an existing template is very easy - but it depends on the template's status. Please see below how to edit different templates:

1. The version I need to edit has never been used before.

In this case, locate the relevant shift template by navigating to Plan > Shift templates. Once you open the 'Rates' section of your template, you can then make changes by just clicking 'edit' next to the rate rules, or clicking within the cell with the specific rate to update it. 

2. The version I need to edit is in use.

If the 'Edit' option is not available and the rates are not editable it means that the version you're trying to amend is in use (it doesn't have to be on the current week). You can see in the below screenshot that the 'Edit' button has disappeared, and there is a note in blue explaining that the rates cannot be adjusted.

In order to make the changes you would need to create a new version of the rate plan using 'New version' button:

Once you hit the button you will see more options for creating the new version.
The quickest way to update the rates or rules is to clone the existing plan (as opposed to creating a new version from scratch). To do it, select 'Clone an existing rate plan' (1.), pick relevant AWR status (only PAYE) and choose the date the new version should be effective from (2.)

Before hitting the 'clone' button (3.) check if the AWR status you're cloning from matches the AWR status you want to clone it to.

Once a new version, without any shifts booked on it is created, you will be able to make the changes.

3. I need to edit rates starting this week and I have already allocated workers.

Not a problem! The system will recalculate all the bookings to the new rate/rules with a one click of a button. Just follow the steps in the section no. 2, making sure that the 'effective from' box shows current week, make your changes and hit 'Set live' button.

You can also apply the changes starting from the last week as long as your payroll hasn't been closed yet.

Setting it live will prompt the system to apply the changes to the shifts already booked and recalculate the timesheets. 

For more information about creating templates or adding rules, please click below:

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