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Pasting your requirement into the on-site plan
Pasting your requirement into the on-site plan

If your client sends you requirement by e-mail or spreadsheet you can paste this information into the plan as unfilled shifts

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You can paste your requirement if sent to you via e-mail or spreadsheet. 

  1. Select the requirement that has been sent by your client

  2. Copy the start times and other details that you may require eg expected end and job number

  3. Navigate to the shift allocation (on-site) page

  4. Select the date the requirement has been requested

  5. Click the '+' in the column header

  6. Make sure you have selected the right option to paste your data
    - start times only, or
    - start time, expected end and job number

  7. Paste the data you have copied

  8. Click the next button

  9. Review the shift information, you can click the remove button to delete any shifts that have been added in error

  10. Click create once you are happy with the shift information

  11. The number of unallocated shifts will be updated in the column heading. Click the '+' again to add more shifts on the same day.

  12. To review the unallocated shifts click on the number of shifts link and navigate to the unallocated tab. 

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