Inviting existing workers

How to invite a candidate who already has a JU profile, onto your organisation.

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After creating a new candidate on the system, you may find that they already have a profile set up. To avoid duplicating data and to save yourself time, you can just link the profile to your organisation.

Please note: we are unable to link panel/partner agency profiles to full worker profiles. In this situation, you just need to set up a new profile with a different email address.

I'm creating a new profile

Step 1:
Create a new worker in the Workers tab. For more info on how to do this - click the below link:

โ€‹Step 2:
You will automatically be redirected to this screen if the candidate already has a profile:

Step 3:
Click on the "Invite to link account" button to send the candidate an e-mail, requesting to link.

Your candidate will receive the following e-mail: ย 

Once the candidate has clicked on the link, entered their password and accepted your request, they will become visible to your organisation, and you would have access to all the information that is shared on their profile.

Note: It may happen that the worker doesn't remember their password. In this case they would need to reset it first. To do this you can send them this article:

The profile is already set up

Occasionally you might successfully set up a profile - but then when you try to update the candidate's email address or NI number, you receive the below error message.

This tells you that there is already a profile that has been set up with that information. In this situation, you can either:

  • Tell the worker to get in touch with us to link their account to your agency using live chat, or 020 3322 3534.

  • Send an email to the worker asking to give their consent for JoinedUp to give you access to their data and then forward the response to us at Please make sure the worker's email address is visible. Note: we cannot open mail attachments.

We cannot link a workers profile to your agency without their express written or verbal consent, so please make sure you provide this.

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