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Pre or Post-Parity status and their designated rates

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JoinedUp is designed to keep track of your worker's length of service and based on that assign them to either Pre or Post-Parity rates.

The clock will count 12 weeks of shifts with a break no longer then 6 weeks from the very first shift booked on the system. This means that the worker's AWR week may not be in line with the calendar week or your payroll week. I.e if the worker has done his first shift on Thursday his AWR week is going to run from Thursday to Wednesday. You can see this information when you hover over the individual record in the AWR section.

Each profile comes with its own AWR clock. If the worker does different types of work the system will keep a separate clock for each one.

These can be found in the AWR section of the profile (called Length of Service for Ltd. company workers).

AWR records can be added for work not recorded on the DX. To do that just hover over the week you like it added and click to Create. You will be asked to select the first and the last week to add the record. This way you will be able to keep your AWR records up to date and have the system automatically assign the rates and mark the workers with their correct status.

If there is a break between shifts for 6 week on more then the worker's AWR clock will reset and the worker will be back to Pre-Parity and will another 12 working weeks to go back to Post-Parity.

If the worker is under a Swedish Derogation agreement this can be added as well.

Please make sure you have both Pre and Post parity rates defined to ensure that all your workers get paid the correct rate.

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