Historic Adjustments

How to add retrospective adjustments to timesheets.

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There are many reasons for creating an historic adjustment.

Have you ever made an agreement with one of your candidates when they have really helped you out or have gone the extra mile to earn a little extra bonus?  A mileage payment perhaps or maybe an entire shift has been missed from a previous timesheet... and then got so swamped with payroll and completely forgotten about it until payday and your disappointed candidate calls you up to say they do not feel as appreciated anymore.

There is a feature on JoinedUp to allow you to remedy this problem, and relate the adjustment to the correct week retrospectively. This means there is no more confusion about what week the adjustment should be associated with.

To start off click on the finance tab at the top and then on Timesheets down the left hand side.

Step 1:   Click on the current week's timesheet for the worker in connection to the adjustment, and click on the blue "add historic timesheet adjustment" tab.

Step 2:  Click on the drop down button to select the week that you would like to relate the missing adjustment to.

Step 3:  Click on the add rate band and an extra drop down will appear to add specific rates.

*If the timesheet that you are amending has hours against it already, the rates will also be ready populated and you can just add the hours against the correct rate and day.

If no hours were entered, then you would need to populate the rates manually.

Step 4:  Add the missing pay and charge rates and add the missing hours against the correct day.  You also have the option to specify whether the adjustment relates to an Overtime payment by clicking the OT box (this is important for reporting purposes).

Step 5:  Click on the blue missed pay button and a drop down box will allow you to select the correct reason for missed pay.

Step 6:  If you have any expenses to add, you can do this by clicking on the bottom of the screen and enter the charge and pay rates.

Once you save your adjustment, you will be able to view a summary in the blue box in the middle, and an option to delete the adjustment will appear. You can then save your adjustment.


  1. Once a site is locked, you will not be able to amend the adjustment again.

  2. You can only add an historic adjustment to a previous week that has already been locked (if it hasn't been locked you can make the change directly to that week).

  3. In a current week you can add manual adjustments for pay and expenses to each shift.

  4. Positive and negative adjustments can be created though this process.

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