Profile complete - Requires Validation

You've added all the required information up to 100% and now the profile says it Requires Validation

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When registering on JoinedUp you will be asked to fill in the profile with your information for compliance.
You need to provide all the required details until the profile is 100% complete.
A bar on the left hand side will show you how many percent is already completed and list out what still needs to be added.

The positions on the list are hyperlinks so you can click on them to go to the field where the piece of information needs to be added.

Once you complete the profile you will see a message saying that the profile Requires Validation. This means that one of your agency's consultants will now have to check the information provided against your documents and if everything is correct validate it. You don't need to do anything at this point. You can just let your agency know that your profile is ready.

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