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Adding AWR record to workers profile
Adding AWR record to workers profile

When setting up a workers profile, you want to add their AWR record

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JoinedUp automatically tracks the worker's length of service to qualify them for Parity based on the shifts they get booked on the system.

There is also an option to add work records for work not recorded on JoinedUp.
Every worker profile on JoinedUp has an AWR section. Partner Agency (Second Tier) or Ltd. Company workers' profiles will have this section marked as LoS (Length of Service).

In order to add an AWR record just press the dedicated button.

When adding the record you will need to specify:
- Organisation - the End Client
- Work Type - workers doing more than one type of job will have separate clocks for each
- The period of the records to be added in weeks.

Once you're done you will see the record added. Please note that adding the AWR record does not mean booking shifts for the selected weeks. It's only marking them as working weeks that contribute to qualifying for Parity even though there are no shifts booked for these weeks,

Workers' AWR can also be uploaded to the system in bulk from a generic spreadsheet.

Please contact support for more information.

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