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Automatically match shifts to large volumes of workers on the on site allocation screen

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JoinedUp gives you the option to create multiple shifts quickly, and then match workers to them in one action.

This is done on the on site planning screen. Go to Plan > Shift allocation (on site). Click on the panel above the date for the day on which you'd like to create shifts. We call this panel the 'shifthopper'.

You will see a pop up with the option to select the Shift Template for the shift you're booking and put in the start times. You can also select the option to create the shifts with a Start time, Expected stop time and a Job Number.

Once the shifts are created they will show in the "shifthopper" for your date. On the menu where you can create more shifts, you will also see the option to allocate those shifts using JoinedUp's matching algorithm.

When you select Allocate you will see a pop up where you can select which shifts out of all the unallocated shifts on that day you'd like to allocate.

The system will automatically match workers to the shifts, based on them being linked to the shift template and their availability. [Watch this space for more updates as we add variables to the algorithm such as preferred start times and so on.]
You can also check the allocation before saving the changes, and remove any allocations that you don't want.

Click allocate and the system will assign the selected workers to the shifts.

These allocated shifts will then appear in the main planning screen in the same way as if you had done it.

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