Shifthopper Menu

A handy context menu on the on site planning screen.

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Sitting on top of each day on the on site allocation screen, the shifthopper is a context menu collecting a host of functions related to shift planning.

The shifthopper allows you to:

  1. At a glance, see how many unallocated shifts you have on each day within the plan. 

  2. Create new shifts, either:
    a) Shifts for workers you've selected from your list
    b) New unallocated shifts

  3. Share some or all of your unallocated shifts with your second tier agency partners to fill (if you have them set up for your site).

  4. Allocate some or all of your unallocated shifts to workers on your plan.

  5. Publish the allocated shifts so that workers can then receive them.

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