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I want to confirm the shift times I worked

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Your agency may require you to confirm the Start and Stop times for the shifts you've worked. This can be done in your profile whether you log in through the internet browser or the JoinedUp app.

When you go to your Work Calendar you can either use the shortcut on top of the screen or look through the calendar and find the shifts that need the times to be added.

When you click into the shift you will see the details of that shift and have the option to put in the Start and Stop times and also add any expenses that you’d like to claim back following the shift.


Simply press the ‘Start’ button and you will get the option to either start the shift at the planned time or type in a different time if the plans changed. You can then do the exact same with the Stop time.

If your role involves expenses that can be claimed back you can also add them here. Please remember to only add expenses that you know will be authorised by your agency, otherwise you risk all expenses being rejected.

I can't enter my start/stop time?

Please click the link below to see the common reasons why this might be:

I don't have a shift in my Work Calendar?

If you worked a shift but you don't have one showing in your Work Calendar, please contact your agency immediately - or you may not be paid properly.

You can do this by calling/emailing them as you usually would, or you can also reply to any of their messages in your Messages inbox on JoinedUp.

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