Shift Auto-creation

How to setup and switch on auto-creation of shifts on JoinedUp

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The shift auto-creation functionality combines the worker's shift patterns (for more info on shift patterns click here) and the client's requirement to automatically create the shifts and allocate workers to them based on their working preferences.

The functionality is switched on in the Advanced settings of the Shift Template.
Here you can also determine how far in advance you would like the shifts created as well as determine whether shifts that can't be allocated are to be created for manual allocation or not.

The auto-creation job on the system is scheduled to run every night at 2am.

Make sure that you have all the boxes below ticked off to ensure that the worker gets allocated to the correct shift automatically:

  • The profile needs to be 100% complete and validated.

  • The profile needs to be linked to the Shift Template.

  • The profile needs to be assigned to a Shift Pattern.

  • The pattern needs to have an exact start time defined.

  • The pattern needs to be valid for the period you're creating the bookings for.

  • The worker can't have any holidays booked on the system for the given period.

The shifts generated automatically can be published by the consultant or automatically depending on the preference.

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