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Send your requirement to the agency by creating shifts for them to fill in.

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The Post shifts screen was designed to allow End Clients to post their order on JoinedUp by creating shifts on the plan for the Agency to allocate their workers to.

The screen can be viewed in Monthly or Weekly mode.

To create the shifts simply press the plus button in the upper right corner of the tile on the day you would like to add shifts for.

When creating the shifts you will be asked to specify: 

  1. which agency are they for.

  2. what type of job by selecting the shift template.

  3. how many workers are required. One shift for each worker.

  4. when are the shifts for with the option to create the same set of shifts across multiple days.

  5. the start time and as an option, the expected stop time and job number.

The moment you create the shifts they become visible on your agency's planning screen and they can start allocating workers into the shifts. You can monitor their progress in real time on your screen. You will be able to see which shifts already have names against them and which have yet to be allocated.

Shifts for the same type of job and starting at the same time get grouped together with the tiles stacked up. Click on the stack and a side panel will come up with the options to cancel or edit them in batch.

You are able to cancel or amend the shifts until the agency allocates a worker to them. If you need to cancel a shift that already has a name against it you will need to ask the agency to cancel it for you giving them a chance to offer the worker another shift.

We also use colour-coding to represent the different statuses of the shifts:

Yellow background - the shifts hasn't been published yet. A shift may already be allocated but if it hasn't been published the allocated worker will not be notified.

Pink background - the shift has been cancelled.

Black font - the worker has been notified but they haven't confirmed their attendance yet.

Green font - the worker has been notified and confirmed they'll be attending the shift.

Red font - the worker has been notified and declined the shift.

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