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Copying Shifts on the Branch Allocation Screen
Copying Shifts on the Branch Allocation Screen

Copy your shifts from one week to another on the Branch screen.

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JoinedUp allows you to copy shifts from one week to another. If any of your workers are working the same set of shifts for a second week in a row you could simply copy them over rather than creating new shifts and allocating them all over again.

Before you can start copying shifts over you need to switch the feature on. This is done in View Preferences.

Once this is done you should be able to see tick boxes next to the workers' names allowing you to select who's shifts you'd like to copy over.

Having selected the workers whose shift's you'd like to copy over press the Copy button on top of the list.
You will see a pop-up where you will need to select the week you'd like to copy the shifts over to. There is a display by the type of order (Planned, Ad-hoc, Contingency) and also mini plan with the shifts to reconfirm your selection.

Once you're done just hit the dedicated button and all the selected shifts will copy over to the selected week.

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