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Linking and Unlinking Sites to Branches
Linking and Unlinking Sites to Branches

Link a Site to a Branch on your Allocation screen

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A site is a singular place where work is carried out eg. a Warehouse or a Mail Centre.
A Branch is a group of sites organised geographically (eg. North, South etc.) or by the type of work (eg. Driving, Industrial etc.). You can also group all the sites you're looking after under one Branch and see all of them in one place on your Branch Allocation screen.
You need to link a Site to a Branch in order to book and see shifts booked at this site on your Branch allocation screen.

Looking at the screen with the Branch selected you can see a count of the sites already linked to the branch.

Click on the link to see and managed the sites already linked and add new ones.

You will see a pop-up with the sites listed and the button to add a new site.

You will need to select the Organisation which is the Client who owns the site and then the site itself.

Select the site from the list and hit the button to link it.

Afterwards you will see the site added to the list and if you need to unlink a site from the branch just press the x button next to it on the list.

You can also link site to a branch upon creation or later on in the 'Clients' tab.

To do so find the site in the list and click to edit:

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