Linking a Worker to a Branch

Link a worker to your Branch on your planning screen

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A worker needs to be linked to the Branch for his name to appear on the Branch Allocation screen and in order to be able to book shifts for him.

For some of our Clients the worker's profile will not be editable unless they are linked to their managed Branch. All the shifts are greyed out and the profile is not usable.
To change that he needs to be linked to your branch.
The easiest way to do it is through the Branch screen. When on the screen with the Branch selected you need to press the Plus button next to the search bar on top of your worker list.

A pop will appear where you will need to find the worker to link. You can search by their name, email, address, phone or JU ID.

Once you find your worker just press the dedicated button to get them linked up.

The worker will now appear on the screen and will be a match to be allocated to shifts.

To unlink a worker from the branch click on the worker's name on the list and press 'Unlink from Branch' in the pop-up window:

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