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Can I access my payslips or P45 on JoinedUp?
Can I access my payslips or P45 on JoinedUp?

PAYE workers cannot see their payslips or P45 on JoinedUp

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PAYE workers CANNOT see their payslips or P45 on JoinedUp.

Please contact your agency to resolve ALL pay issues. Your agency will use a different tool to generate your payslips. We cannot help with this as it's a different software to JoinedUp.

You can speak to your agency by your usual contact method (phone or email), or you can reply to any of your consultants in the "Messages" section of JoinedUp.

For example, please contact your agency if:

You didn't get paid

Your pay is incorrect

You need to know your payroll number

You're struggling to log in to your payslip software

You need a P45

You want to send in a P45

We cannot help you with any of these issues.

If you are a LTD company ONLY;

JoinedUp can generate VAT (if applicable) invoices for workers registered as Limited Companies. Click below to see information on this.

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