I'm not receiving text (SMS) messages

I don't get texts about shifts, or I don't get texts about available shifts

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Some agencies prefer to contact their workers via email only. If you don't receive SMS about shifts available but receive emails, this could be the reason. Some also send SMS about shifts that have been allocated to you, but none about available shifts. You can check that with your agency.

If you don't receive any text messages, including SMS about shifts being allocated to you, here is what you can check:

1) Is your mobile number validated?

2) Are your contact preferences set up correctly?

3) Is our JoinedUp number +447418310045 on the list of blocked numbers on your device?

4) Can you see any shifts in your work calendar?

If there are no shifts in your work calendar it means that your agency hasn't allocated you to any shifts yet. In this case, you can either wait a little bit longer or get in touch with your agency for details.

If you can see shifts in your work calendar and all of the above is set up correctly, please contact the JoinedUp support team via the live chat button in the bottom right corner. When contacting our support team, please provide as much information as you can, we would need to know:
- When did you receive the last SMS from JoinedUp?

- Which shift you've not been notified of?

I want to receive texts about available shifts

Most agencies do not send texts about available shifts, they only send emails. There is no way for us to switch this on for you.

Instead, you can download an email app onto your mobile so that you can access your emails from your phone. It's then much easier to see and reply to emails that come to you about available shifts!

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