There are a number of different status' you will be able to see on your Partner agency Bookings page. These are updated in real-time to reflect the status of that job.

They can be;

Too late - bookings shared with your agency that have expired (the planned start time has now passed)

In progress - bookings marked by your agency as ‘in progress’ to let your Lead agency know that you’re looking for the right candidate for this booking

Won’t fill - bookings that your agency is unable to fill

Cancelled - bookings cancelled by your Lead agency before you’ve allocated a worker

Taken - the booking has been filled by an alternative source and is no longer available

Filled - Pending - you’ll see this status after you allocate a worker to the booking and before it’s accepted

Filled - Not accepted - bookings filled by your agency that haven’t been accepted by your Lead agency. This indicates the filled booking has not been confirmed

Filled - Accepted - bookings filled by your agency and accepted by your Lead agency for confirmation

Filled - Cancelled - booking cancelled by your Lead agency after you’ve allocated a driver to it

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