How should I reply to your emails?

How to make sure my emails reach the right people

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There are a few types of emails you can receive from JoinedUp:

"You've been booked onto a shift"

These emails are sent automatically when your agency allocates you to a shift. There will be a button in the email for you to view and confirm the shift which will take you to your shift in JoinedUp. You can also respond to your agency from these emails by choosing the 'reply' option in your email.

"Confirm your shift"

Similar to above, this email has a button for you to view and confirm the shift. See the below link for more details on this.

"Shifts available" or other emails from your agency

Some agencies regularly send emails to their workers informing them about available shifts or other important updates. This type of email doesn't have a button that would take you to JoinedUp. To respond please make sure you use the 'reply' option in your email. Your consultant's email will show in the 'Reply-to" section. These emails go directly to your consultant's email and won't show in your JoinedUp inbox.

"Security alert" or "Please confirm your email"

Please do not respond to these emails as they are automated and responses won't reach your agency.

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