You will always know you have a shift because you will receive an email or text (providing you have your contact preferences on!). It will look something like this:

You can also check in your work calendar to see whether there are any shifts there. Please click this link to see how to confirm shifts:

If you have not received an email and you have no shifts in your work calendar, then you DO NOT have a shift.

I replied to my agency about available shifts and I didn't get booked?

When responding to your agency please make sure you use the 'reply' option in your email. Your consultant's email will show in the 'Reply-to" section.

If your agency books you onto a shift after you respond, you will receive an automated email and it will show in your work calendar (as discussed above). If this hasn't happened it may mean that your agency has allocated someone else. In this situation, the best is to wait for another shift offer or contact your agency for more details.

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