You can work for multiple agencies on JoinedUp, but you can only have one profile. This means that all your agencies will need to have access to the same profile.

If you already have an account with one agency (or more) and you are now working for another one, please call us on 020 3322 3534, email us at, or press the little chat button in the bottom right corner. Once we have your information, we will do the rest for you.

When we link the account, the new agency will be able to see your profile information and book you onto shifts, but they won't be able to see anything about any other agencies you work for.

I don't know if I already have an account ?

Your new agency may have told you that you already have an account, but you're not sure or can't remember the details. That's not a problem, just give us a call or a message with your information and we can search the system for you. If we find an old account we can either delete it (if you're no longer using it), or we can remind you of your login details.

I'm trying to set up a profile but it says my information is already registered?

Sometimes an agency you worked with in the past might have set you up an account without you realising. Again, this isn't a problem - we can just search the system for you and either delete it or tell you the details.

I'm no longer working with the old agency and I want to unlink myself from them

Just let us know which agency you're no longer working with and we can unlink them from your profile. If you're not sure whether to remove an old agency, it's better to be cautious. If you think you might potentially work with them again in the future but you aren't currently, you can just change your contact preferences so that they can't send you emails or texts any more. It's better to keep an agency on your profile just in case you want to work with them again.

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