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Updating my worker's availability: Branch tab
Updating my worker's availability: Branch tab

Set your workers as available and/or unavailable from the Branch tab

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You can update a workers' availability on your plan by following the steps below. You can do it either by the On-Site tab or the Branch tab, depending on which you prefer.

They are very similar processes, but for the how to on the On-Site tab, click below:

Branch tab

Go to the Plan > Branch tab. Choose the relevant branch, and then search for the worker you want to add the availability for in the search bar on the left hand side.

Then choose the appropriate date corresponding to that worker - in this example, 17th March for Annabelle Abbot.

You then have two options - you can either choose 'Available' which sets it for the entire day, or you can choose 'More options' to see a detailed worker's availability screen.

If you choose 'More Options' you can set the worker as unavailable or available for a given day or over a period of time. Select unavailable or available and a from and to date. Note: you have to select the reason for unavailability (e.g. Holiday or Sick).

Finalise this by clicking the blue 'Set availability ' button.

After that has been completed and added it will now reflect on your plan in the shift allocation screen.

You can delete this by clicking on the link in the calendar and then choosing "Delete availability".

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