Send a text to a worker

How to send a text (SMS) to your workers

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If your agency has this feature switched on, you can send a text to one or multiple workers.

On the Inbox tab, you click on the New Message button in the top right.

A pop-up window will open, from here you can send SMS to one or multiple workers.

1. You can either send a message to a specific worker or to all workers related to your site. Workers are linked to your site either by their preferred site or their shift template.

2. You can choose to send a message to:

  • Only active workers - who had a shift within the last 3 months

  • Workers available on specific date

  • Workers who live near the site

3. You can see how many workers will receive the text message. Their mobile number needs to be validated and the SMS option turned on in their contact preferences.
You can review and amend the list of workers you send the message to, and exclude workers who cannot receive SMS.

4. You can type your message here and instantly see what the worker will see. The text message will display limited number of characters and a link to their JoinedUp Inbox to see full message and reply.

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