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Adding or deleting users
Adding or deleting users

I need to add or remove users to my team

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You need to have admin access to be able to add and delete users to your team. Remember these will be added to your organisation - if you want to add client users for a different organisation, please contact us at or see the below article:

Adding users

If you have admin access, hover over your name in the top right and you'll see a 'Settings' option. Click this, then choose 'Add users' in the menu on the left hand side.

On the next screen you will be able to see all the current users in your organisation. In the top right, choose the "Create new user" button.

You can then enter the user's email address and choose the branches or sites that they will have access to see. If you leave this blank they will be able to see them all. You can also choose the Roles which relate to this user, which affects what screens they can see and edit on JoinedUp. Once you've entered all this information, click 'Create'.

Edit user permissions

From this 'Add users' screen you can also edit your users' permissions - both the branches or sites they can view and the types of system roles.

Choose the relevant user, then click the 'Edit' button. This will take you to the same screen as above, and you will be able to update the branch access, preferred sites and roles. Once you've edited the information, press 'Modify'.

Delete users

You can delete users on the same screen by simply pressing the 'Delete' button next to the relevant user. Please note that this is permanent.

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