Setting Up Bank Holiday Rates
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To set up Bank Holidays all you need to do is define the start and stop times and the rate substitute by selecting from the drop-down menus in your shift templates.

This option can be found in the Rates section. Please make sure to add Bank Holidays to each employment status if it applies to all.

Just click 'Add holiday rate' at the bottom of the page to add another line and select the Bank Holiday from the list. If the date you'd like to add is not on the list please contact our support team via live chat or email to and we can add another option for you.

The next step is to select when the Bank Holidays rates should apply (24hrs clock) and which rate should be applied.

If you don't have Bank Holiday Rates set up but they are the same as i.e Sunday rate you can use the Sunday rate instead!

If you, however, need to add a Bank Holiday rate but the template is already in use and therefore locked, check out the article below explaining how to clone versions within the template to add/change rates.

Please remember - if you have more than one Bank Holiday rate you will need to specify the dates and times for all of them in the template.

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