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How to navigate around the Bookings Overview screen

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The Bookings Overview screen is a handy tool to show you how your bookings are being filled throughout the weeks.

Go to Plan > Bookings overview.

You'll then see a screen which you can edit to show a range of different bookings statistics.

  1. Changes which branch or reporting group you're looking at

  2. You can search for a specific site or client

  3. Changes the week you're viewing

  4. You can choose whether to see unfilled or filled bookings

The screen that first comes up is for the unfilled bookings. It shows how many bookings have not been filled for each day and then totals them on the right hand side. If you have multiple sites with unfilled shifts, you can also see a full total in the top right.

If you change the fulfilment status (4 in the original screenshot) to 'Filled bookings', you will then see a view which shows all the booking across all your sites in that Branch or Reporting group. Those in green show where all the bookings for that site on that day have been filled. The others show the number filled out of the total number.

Adding a new Reporting Group

You can create new Reporting groups with any combination of your sites, branches, clients and shift templates, depending on your needs. For more info on this, please click this link:

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