Creating Reporting groups

How to create a group of sites, clients, branches or shift templates for reporting purposes

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You can create new Reporting groups with a range of combinations, depending on your needs. This could be for your Branches, your Clients, your Sites, or even your Shift templates. They will show up on your Bookings overview screen. For more info on the Bookings overview screen, click below:

To create a new Reporting group, go to Plan > Bookings overview. Then click the settings icon next to the name of the current overview you're looking at. If you have none set up yet, just move to the next step.

You create a reporting group by pressing "Add a new reporting group".

It's important to come up with a coherent name for the new group as everyone else in your organisation will be able to see it and will need to recognise it. You can fill this in at the top of this screen in 'Reporting group name', and then choose from a range of different combinations by clicking between the tabs.

Choose the appropriate tab, for example here 'Clients', then click the drop down box to see the different options. Once you've found the relevant one, click 'Add'.

This will then show as 'Added' and will also show in the tab summaries. You can see 2 shift templates have also been added to this Reporting group. Once you've chosen the relevant units, press 'Create'.

You will then be able to see your new Reporting group in the Bookings overview screen.

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