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Allowing and restricting access to sites
Allowing and restricting access to sites

How to restrict your sites so that only certain agencies can view them

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As a client who uses a number of different agencies to fill your bookings, there may be certain sites which you wish to restrict access to.

Allowing access

To do this, hover over your name in the top right corner, then choose 'Settings'. This takes you to your Profile, where you can then choose 'Agency managed sites' in the left hand column.

This screen shows you the list of sites that your agencies manage. To add a new one, click 'Grant new permission'.

You then just need to choose the relevant site and agency from the drop down lists, then click 'Grant permission'.

You can only choose one agency here, but you can repeat the process on the same site for as many agencies as required. For example, you can see two agencies have access to the Camden site here.

Revoking access

You can also revoke access on this screen. Simply hover over the agency and site you want to change, and click the 'Revoke permission' button which appears.

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