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What are guarantees and how do they work?

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When you create your shift template, you can establish whether you want to grant guarantees on the length of the shifts. You can grant both a minimum or a maximum shift length, meaning the worker is paid for a set number of hours regardless of if their shift ran short or long (respectively). You can also grant a minimum number of hours for the entire week worked.

How to set a guarantee

You create the guarantees you want to set in the 'Rate rules' section of your shift template. Click 'Edit'.

Please note, this 'Edit' button will be unavailable if the template is already in use. Please see the below article on editing templates if this is the case for the template you want to set up with guarantees.

On the next screen, you will see a number of rate rules available.

1) This is where you can enter your guaranteed minimum shift length

2) This where you can enter your guaranteed minimum hours per week.

Neither of these options are compulsory - you can choose to leave either or both blank

3) This takes you to the Advanced options. Here you can set specific minimum shift lengths for each day, as well as deciding whether the length will be capped at this. By capping the length of the shift, you have set a maximum shift length.

You can also decide whether to grant the daily guarantee by default, or if you want to manually check them.

Once you've added this information, you just need to click the blue 'Save' button in the bottom right.

For more information on how to set up your rate rules in general, please see the below article:

How to apply your guarantees

If you have your template set as 'Grant daily guarantee by default', you just need to enter the shift times on any of the screens and it will be applied automatically.

In the Finance tab, a minimum guarantee of 6 hours would look like this:

The shift itself is only 4 hours, but then there is an adjustment of 2 hours to take it to the minimum length.

In the Shift information breakdown, the same shift would look like this. Here you can also remove it manually if you wish, by pressing the 'Remove' icon.

If you don't have the template to set the guarantee by default, when you go to edit the shift time on the Shift Details tab you'll see a message such as this - asking whether you want to grant the daily guarantee.

Again, you can choose to manually remove it (as shown above).

For more info on shift templates, please see the article below:

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