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Requesting holiday - Angard workers
Requesting holiday - Angard workers

How to request holiday through JoinedUp if you work for Angard

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Please note: this article is only for Angard workers. If you work for a different agency, you cannot book holiday through the JoinedUp platform. You will need to contact your agency directly, which you can do by following the steps in the below article

If you do work for Angard, you can request your holiday on JoinedUp. The approvals process still takes places outside of JoinedUp, so you will need to contact your Angard consultant.

Viewing your Holiday

Go to Profile > Holiday.

Mobile version:

Here you will be able to see your holiday accruals and requests. At the top, there is an Overview. Here you can see how much you have accrued (1), how much you've taken (2) and how much you have remaining (3). You can then see breakdowns of how your accruals have been calculated at 1a, and when you've taken your holiday at 2a.

If you have requested holiday that hasn't been accepted yet, it will show as pending (see below).

Requesting your holiday

You request your holiday by booking yourself as Unavailable in your Work Calendar, and setting the reason as 'Holiday'.

1) Go to your Work Calendar, then choose 'Set availability', then 'Holiday'.

Mobile version:

2) You can then choose how long you want to make the Holiday request for.

Mobile version:

3) Once you click the blue 'Save', the holiday will show up in your Work Calendar as pending.

Mobile version:

4) It will also show in your 'Holiday' section of your profile as Pending.

Mobile version:

Please note:

JoinedUp DO NOT approve these holidays. To get your holiday approved, you need to speak directly to your Angard consultant. We cannot approve these for you, discuss your entitlement, or how your holiday has been accrued. Please contact your consultant.

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