Confirming your phone number

Your agency have asked you to confirm your mobile number, or you would like to receive SMS about your allocated shifts

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It's very simple to verify your phone number, and this means that you will be able to receive texts about the shifts that are allocated to you.

1) Go to your Profile

Your mobile number should look like this if is it verified - with a green tick below it and the words 'Your number is verified'.

Mobile version:

2) If you cannot see this, you will instead be able to see a blue button which says "Save and verify the new number".

Mobile version:

3) Once clicked, you will then get a text with a 4 digit code. When you receive this, enter it in the same section of your profile.

4) Then you will be all verified!

We’ll send you texts about your bookings (eg booked start time, change in time, cancellations) and hours being entered.

Please note: we do not send out texts about available shifts - only emails.

It's not working!

If you are having trouble with validating your phone number, please just let us know and we'd be happy to help!

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