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Following a site - client view
Following a site - client view

Receive notifications relating to the locations you look after

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You can follow a site or region in Joined up. This means your default inbox shows you notifications of all the sites you follow. You will also receive e-mail notifications based on the sites you follow.

Following a site

You can follow a site from various tabs in JoinedUp - Inbox, Plan and Finance. In the top left corner of these tabs, you will see a drop-down button. Search for the relevant site there.

Once the site has been selected there is a blue follow button to the right of the site name. Click follow and the site has been added the list of followed sites. You can follow as many sites as you wish.

Unfollowing a site

You can also unfollow sites by re-selecting the button now labelled

as 'Unfollow':

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