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Your inbox and sending messages - client view
Your inbox and sending messages - client view

How to navigate around your inbox and send messages

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Your inbox is where you will find all your messages from your workers and Agencies, as well as a log of the messages that you have sent out.

All messages, both received and sent, are logged and date stamped so that you always have a record of what has been said.

Messages are sent using JoinedUp's internal messaging system, email and SMS - depending on the recipient's communication preferences.

Here's a breakdown of the different tabs in your Inbox:

New Messages

You can create a new message simply by clicking on the blue "New message" button. You will then see the below screen, where you can choose who you wish to contact.

Replying to a Message

Alternatively, you can reply to a message by clicking in the text box beneath a message that you have selected.

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