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I can't post a shift? - client view
I can't post a shift? - client view

FAQs for why you might be struggling to post a shift

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There are a few reasons that you might not be able to initially post a shift. These FAQs will help you to solve them easily.

You can't see the right site

You may login initially and see that the site name in the top left corner is not the correct one.

First, check in the drop down if the right site is shown there. You may have access to more than one site, so you'll need to switch between them.

You can type in the search bar to find the correct site.

If you search and you still can't see your site, please get in contact with either your agency (if they allocate your access) or with us directly at support.

There are no shift templates

If you get the below message about there being no shift templates, you should first check that you are linked to the correct site (see above). If yes, then contact your agency who will be able to create the appropriate shift templates for you to use when posting shifts.

You can't see the right agency

When you go to create a shift, you can choose which agency you want to create it for. If there is only one available for that site, you won't get a dropdown and the agency will be pre-selected.

You might also get a dropdown, but still not see the correct agency.

If this happens, you need to speak to your organisation's Admin user who will be able to give the correct agency the ability to manage that site.

If you are the Admin, please see more info in the below article:

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