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How to add an adjustment to a timesheet before the site is locked

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There are lots of reasons why you might want to manually adjust a current timesheet before the site is locked. A manual adjustment can be useful when there's missed pay (basic or overtime), or when the rate has changed but not yet been applied to the shift template. You can also use manual adjustments to deduct pay (eg for penalty charges) or to add a bonus to a worker's timesheet. These adjustments only apply to the current week. If you want to add an adjustment for a week in the past, see our article on historic adjustments.

Adding a manual adjustment is simple. All you need to do is navigate using the Finance tab to the specific timesheet you want to adjust.

Click 'Add manual adjustment'. You'll need to fill in information like what type of adjustment it is (eg missed pay, shift bonus, or other), as well as the charge and/or pay.

When you've completed the adjustment it will appear like this on the worker's timesheet:

Remember: if you want to make an adjustment to a week in the past you'll need to make a historic adjustment.

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