Step 1: Go to the Shift Allocation > Branch screen.

Step 2: Choose the relevant branch from the dropdown.

If you need to add a new branch, follow the below link for more information:

Step 3: Find the date of the shifts you want to share, and click on the number of shifts below.

If you need to create the shifts first, see the below article:

Step 4: You'll see a list of the shifts available to be booked. Click on the relevant shift to be able to share it.

Step 5: If you have multiple shifts in a booking, you can tick the additional days to share in bulk. Then select "Share with partners".

Step 6: Choose the relevant partners you want to share the shifts with, then click 'Notify partners'.

Step 7: Your selected shifts will now be shared with the Partner Agencies of your choice. You'll see a purple banner appear with the number of shifts shared.

You can also change to the "Requirement" view, and see the shifts you've shared as purple tiles.

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