Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Driver Exchange?

The Driver Exchange is an online marketplace that allows freelance HGV drivers to find driving shifts. The DX is not an agency - drivers are hired directly by the end-hirers. By cutting out the agency, hirers can afford to pay better rates, so for a given hirer's site, the DX rate should be the best rate on offer.
 Please note, whilst the DX is not an agency, one of our clients is a driver agency, drivers work via their agency as normal.

What do I need to register?

You will need your driving licence card, DVLA check document, Driver's (Tacho) Card, CPC card, national insurance number, work permit (if applicable) and proof of your address (from the last 3 months).
 To see how to register, click here.

Can I work PAYE or Self-employed??

Sadly at present you can not work via the Driver Exchange unless you are registered with a PAYE compliant umbrella or as a Limited Company. We can pass on details of preferred suppliers who can help you get set up as either option.

What do I do if I have not been assessed at a site?

Some sites require assessments. If you want to work at one of these sites but you’re not assessed there you can request an assessment on the DX.
 To request an assessment go to the Find Shifts page. Click on the site you’re interested in, and then click the link to Request an Assessment. We suggest you add a note, indicating your availability.

Why can I not see the find shift screen?

This means that you are registered as an Agency driver, they do not post shifts for their drivers, they allocate them on to the shifts. If you are not registered with the Agency or if you are but not working for them anymore, contact the support team and we will update your profile.

Why can I not apply for a shift?

If you can see a shift but are unable to apply for it, there a few reasons:

  • Profile is not complete; profiles need to be 100% complete and verified to apply for work

  • Profile doesn’t match; you may not hold the correct licence categories, have enough years experience, or may need to complete an assessment.

  • Endorsements: certain endorsements or number of points are not permitted by sites.

My pay doesn’t look right, what can I do?

When you look at a shift in your profile the DX will show you how your pay was calculated from your pay rates. Find out more here.
 If you’re not happy with the start or stop time of a shift, or you still don’t understand the calculations and think they are wrong then you can raise a query yourself to your Hirer if working directly, or you can contact your agency representative through the DX messaging system.

Where can I find my invoice?

The DX will create an invoice for you at the end of each week once you’re shift(s) have been approved by the Hirer. You can see your invoice (and download them) from your timesheet page for the specific week when you’re logged in. If you’re VAT registered your invoice will include the VAT owed to you. (Your VAT won’t appear on your timesheet.)

How can I set my contact preferences?

You can set how you want to be contacted by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen and from the settings on the left hand side choosing "Contact preferences". Then simply tick the boxes for when you want to receive an email or SMS.

How do I contact the Hirer or my Agency?

You can contact sites in a number of ways:
 From the shift details page you can send a message to the Hirer or your Agency (if you're using one).
 Alternatively, if you're responding to one of the messages that you can see in your dashboard, then click on it and it will take you to the relevant shift and you can reply from there.
 Otherwise you can send a message to the site via your inbox using the New Message button.

When will I get paid?

If you are working directly for the Hirer through the DX (and not using an Agency) then when you will get paid will depend upon the Hirer's agreement with the DX. More information can be found here. Please remember that it is the Hirer who is responsible for paying you and not the DX. We receive money from the Hirer and redistribute to you, the Driver, as quickly as we can taking into account administration and bank transfer times.
 If you are working through an Agency, then you will get paid according to whatever agreement you have with your Agency.

Who will pay me?

If you are working directly for a Hirer, the payment arrangements are quite simple. You work your shift for the Hirer, who pay the DX, who in turn pay you. We do it this way so that we can collate complete statements of Drivers' shifts and timesheets for the Hirer, and then split this out and distribute to every Driver accordingly.
 You will always know how much you should be paid from the shifts and timesheets you can see when you log in.
 If you are working through an Agency, then you will be paid by them as normal.

I need help but can't find it on the website

Either use the support (?) button, found in the bottom-left corner of every DX screen, and send us a message with your question, or email us at

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