It’s really easy. All you have to do is click on the 'Sign Up' button in the top right. You’ll be asked to fill in a few basic details to begin with like your name and e-mail address. As you progress through your registration, you’ll be asked to provide additional details about your licence categories and work experience. We also require multiple scans of your documents to verify the information provided. You can fill this out gradually, but to book onto shifts your profile will need to be 100% complete and verified by the DX team.

Straight away, if you’re working directly with the Hirer, you’ll be able to see what shifts there might be available for you or you can request an assessment. If you’re working for an agency, then a representative will be in touch. Bear in mind that the more information you provide, will help us match the most appropriate shifts to you. When you’re ready, it’s simply a matter of applying for the shifts you want to work.

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