Validate your worker profiles

How to validate your worker profiles

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A worker's profile needs to be 100% complete and verified on JoinedUp before you will be able to successfully book the worker - this is for compliance purposes.

When a profile requires validation this will be indicated on the registration status column with the blue letters RV. 

In the profile summary, any information outstanding on the profile will be highlighted in yellow boxes, this will include any areas of the profile requiring validation.

You need to validate 3-5 sections of a profile depending on the type of worker:

  • Personal Information

  • Employment status

  • Driving Licence (if applicable)

  • Tacho Card (if applicable)

  •  Work History

You can validate these at the bottom of each section of the profile (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Click update and pass/fail to show this information has been checked. This validation will be time and user stamped.

Any changes to the profile will invalidate the profile and this will need to be updated again (you can check the changes under the profile changes section).

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