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Query a shift and resolving a query
Query a shift and resolving a query

How to raise a query and resolve a query

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Raising a query

The JoinedUp platform has been designed so that raising a query about a shift is a rare event. Every time a shift is started or stopped the Worker is notified in real time, which means that if a mistake has been made then it can be cleared up straight away. 

However, if you do want to query a shift, because you think that something is wrong with it, such as the length of the shift is wrong, or some expenses have been missed off, you can do so easily from the Finance page. In the Shifts to be approved or Unsubmitted shifts sections available at the top of the web page.

Simply click on the shift in question to get an overview of the shift. For more information about the shift you can select ‘shift details’. If you can see an issue with the shift you can edit it by clicking on the ‘+ raise a query’ link on the bottom left hand side of the shift information.

A new window will appear where you will be able to record the details of the query that you want to raise using a drop down menu. In the text box below this you can write a message about the issue, such as what change needs to be made. This will be visible to other users and the worker. Fill it in, and then click 'Raise a query'. The shift will now appear in the Queried shifts section ready to be resolved by you later.

Resolving a query

By going into the queried shifts tab you can see all the shifts with issues that need to be resolved. These can be issues raised by the end hirer, agency users and the worker.

Select the shift to see the overview of details. At the bottom of the shift information you can see what the query is, who raised it and when it was raised. The ‘OPENED’ in red indicates that the query has not been dealt with. If this is not addressed the shift will not be included on the invoice – meaning the worker will miss out on payment.

To address the query you need to click on ‘shift details’, this will take you to a new window with all the details of the shift. Here you can amend the issue such as changing the start/ stop time, altering expenses or changing breaks.

To remove expenses from a shift, all you need to do is scroll down to the expenses section and click the 'x' next to the expense you'd like to remove.

Once you have made the necessary changes you can close the query. You can do this from the shift details page, by click the 'close' button. The query will then have ‘CLOSED’ in green text next to it to indicate that it has been dealt with. The shift will then turn to an unsubmitted state and can be found in the ‘unsubmitted shifts’ tab.

You can also close queries and submit shifts in bulk from the queried shifts folder. You can use the tick boxes to select the shifts and click the 'close and submit' button. 

*Please note if the query has been raised by the worker this must be closed from the shift details along with a response to the worker to let them know the outcome of their query.

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