Start and stop shifts

At the heart of the DX is the Attendance page. This is basically a very straightforward time and attendance module that allows you to start and stop a workers shifts.

On the Attendance page, you can see the time a worker is booked for. When their shift starts, you click 'Start', and when the shift finishes, you click 'Stop'. You should try and click start and stop at the actual time that the worker starts or stops his shift. If you can’t do this for some reason, there is an option to start the shift at the booked time.

If you make an error you can simply click in the start time box and edit the time. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to edit the time. Or click on the black cross in the top right-hand corner of the time box and the time will reset.

When you stop the timer another window will appear allowing you to stop the timer at your chosen time.

If you forget to stop the timer, all you need to do is stop the shift, then edit it accordingly in the 'stop the timer' screen via the edit link. Here you can also add in any unplanned breaks and expenses. Please note DX will automatically take off the break set out in your shift template, unplanned breaks are for any additional unpaid breaks taken by a worker.

If the stop time needs to be edited once it has already been entered, this can be done in the same way as described with the start time. Select the box where the stop time appears, a separate 'change of stop time' window will appear. You can edit the date and time in this window and provide a reason for these changes for the parties involved.

In a situation where you have stopped the time by accident or would like to delete the start time entered you can do this by clicking on the grey X in the right-hand corner of the stop time box when you hover over it.

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